Your Bridal Beauty Timeline

Whenever there’s an occasion, big event or party coming up, we naturally want to look and feel our best and start paying extra attention to our beauty routines to avoid, well what could be avoidable from dry skin to breakouts!

Proper skincare isn’t something that should be left to chance. It requires daily attention and maintenance. It requires a routine. And, yes, this may seem like a drag, but the results can be young-looking, vibrant skin at any age.

We’ve compiled your Bridal Beauty Timeline to keep you on track with your beauty routine so that you look and feel amazing!


7-8 Months Before

  • Create an exercise plan
  • Visit a salon or spa for a professional skincare consultation
  • Start eating a balanced diet (if you aren’t doing so already)
  • Start a habit of drinking more water regularly
  • Establish a basic skincare routine (that fits in with you & you can stick too)


5-6 Months Before

  • Begin a professional skincare treatment to target our skin concerns (redness, spots, blackheads etc)
  • Begin researching hair styles and makeup for the big day
  • Have a Facial Mask at home 2 times a week
  • Consider Lash enhancing treatments (Lash Lifts, Extensions etc)

4 Months Before

  • Schedule your Hair and Makeup Trial
  • Start any lash enhancing treatments (so to make sure that your lashes respond well)


2 Months Before

  • Whiten your teeth (professionally or at home)
  • Book a relaxing facial or full body massage and avoid using any new facial products at this time
  • Get your tan on!
  • Prepare a Wedding Day Survival Kit

2 Weeks Before

  • Trim & Colour your hair
  • Gentle facial treatments
  • Exfoliate your body
  • Make sure you get atleast 8 hours of sleep at night to avoid any breakouts, added stress and dark circles!


1 Week Before

  • Shape/ Tint your eyebrows
  • Wax your legs, bikini area & underarms


2-3 Days Before

  • Manicure & Pedicure



  • Moisturise your body and face
  • Allow enough time for your Hair & Makeup!