Top Questions asked by engaged couples on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many of our followers are overwhelmed with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their wedding.

As you navigate your wedding planning through these times, we’ve collected some information for you to help answer your specific questions regarding coronavirus and wedding planning.

#1 If we do postpone, how far in the future should we do it?

No one really knows when exactly all will be safe again. With events & weddings in the next eight weeks, it might be best to start looking at new dates from August onwards. And if it comes to it, if it comes to September and it’s needed to postpone again, postpone.

#2 How do I get my venue to help us out if our contract says things are not refundable?

There should be a clause in your contract, and even if it’s not there, they should do this, where they move the deposits towards a new date if you are postponing. And, if for whatever reason you have to totally cancel, talk to them about the force majure and what happens during a natural disaster.

#3 If my wedding is postponed, should my payment be delayed too?

Make sure you look through your contracts because a lot of them say that your final payment isn’t due for a certain number of days before your wedding. So, if you then move your date, you will have a new payment schedule.

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#4 What do I do if my deposits are nonrefundable and my vendors won’t cancel/postpone?

Talk to your highest priority vendors first. We’re all in this together and try to be as accommodating as possible but safety is the number one priority so do go ahead and postpone your date to keep your guests and family safe.

#5 I postpone—how do I communicate with my guests?

If you have made the decision to postpone your wedding to another date, we recommend that you let your guests know as soon as possible. Typically, the easiest, quickest way to do that is by sending them all an e-mail or if you have a facebook group or group message!

# 6 What’s a good way to tell your guests you still plan to have your wedding?

You can say something along the lines of, “How excited you are to celebrate with your guests/you can hardly wait to see everyone/you can’t wait to give them a big hug, and you’ll also keep them notified if anything changes in the next few weeks.”

#7 My wedding will be in mid-September. Should I consider postponing?

Keep things the way they are for right now. No-one knows what will happen for now for certain. Contact your venues, just to see what the situation would be with them and any other vendors that are important, and then, wait until June. And if by June, things aren’t better, then address it.

#8 Payment is due on wedding but unsure about moving forward. Help!

Contact the vendor that’s requiring payment right away. If your wedding is soon, you very well could be looking at a postponement, discuss this with them and possible dates to move to and just take it from there!

#9 Do I get my deposits back if I cancel?

Check your contracts! Every supplier is different and are all going to have varying terms & conditions. Try your best to postpone instead of cancel as it is likely that many deposits will be non-refundable for cancellations.

#10 What’s the best way to coordinate with vendors when you postpone?

E-mail is the best way to correspond with vendors particularly when you’re postponing your wedding. You can get all of your questions clearly out and they can respond in writing to you clearly, so there are no cross wires or miscommunications. Please be patient as many suppliers will be tied up replying to lots of their Brides right now.

#11 My wedding is in June. Should I be thinking about postponing?

If your wedding is in June or beyond, you should not be postponing at this point. Continue your planning process and monitor the COVID-19 situation for traveling and in Cyprus. If your wedding is in the next 7weeks (until the end of April), you should postpone in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines. If your Wedding is in May, there are no plans for what will happen in the month of May, so for the next few weeks keep an eye on the situation and discuss with your venue and top priority vendors about potentially postponing!

#12 Do you think venues will be willing to postpone weddings?

Yes of course! Venues and suppliers are working with couples to help postpone their wedding dates due to the coronavirus, and ensuring that no events will be held until the 30th April.

– Will suppliers change the date?

Most vendors and suppliers out there will be as flexible as they possibly can with helping with these postponements and changing the dates.