Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations For Newlyweds

Making your first holiday as husband and wife a memorable and romantic is most important when it comes to selecting your honeymoon location. Choose a destination that will give you some truly memorable experiences that you will cherish and make the perfect beginning to your lives as a newly wedded couple.


Here are the top 5 destinations for couples in Cyprus…

1. Phuket, Thailand

One of the most popular tropical countries to go visit and even more perfect if you are planning on going in winter months. Take a stroll along Karon Beach, the longest beach in Phuket, followed by a Singa Beer served to your sun lounger. You can also arrange a day boat trip to explore Phi Phi Island, one of the top tourist attractions in Phuket, allowing you to immerse in the wonders of this scenic island. Experience Phuket’s bustling nightlife in the well-known Bangla Road, as well as take a trip on a Tuc-Tuc (taxi). For the spiritual, visit the newly renovated ‘Big Buddha’, situated on the Nakkerd Hill between Chalong and Kata, observing the cultural background of Budhism. Enjoy being pampered and indulge in your own private massage beside the beach, a true Traditional Thai massage will certainly make you feel more relaxed.

2.  Paris 

Called the ‘city of love’ for a reason, as one of the most romantic places in the world, which makes it one of the best destinations for a honeymoon. Book a tour of the Eiffel tower, enjoy the romantic view of Paris followed by a candlelit dinner in Le Jules Verne Restaurant located on the 2nd Floor, with its spectacular views and the wistful atmosphere, experiencing contemporary French cuisine at its best. Paris is filled with historic monuments, so why not begin your honeymoon by taking a historical walk and see the famous Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum. Whether it’s day or night enjoy a cruise on the River Seine in an all glass boat, with your loved one sipping a glass of the best French Champagne. Paris is well known for their corner Cafes, be sure to take a moment, sit back and enjoy a ‘café au lait’ admiring the dreamy surroundings around.

3. Mauritius 

Referred as the paradise island, with its white sand and tropical blue beaches. Dine at Le Château de Bel Ombre, located on the South of the island, spoil yourself with its elegant setting and authentic dishes. You cannot miss a day out to Ile aux Cerfs, an island on the East coast, known as Deer Island. One of the islands best restaurants Chez Tino, has the best views, dishing superb meals of the Mauritian Cuisine with emphasis on Seafood, especially Lobster and sample the Octopus Curry with Green Pawpaw & Grilled Fish with Lemon. Maheswarnath, the biggest Hindu Temple built in 1819 can be found in the longest and largest village on the island, Triolet Shivala, combined  with the Solitude Lake this is a must see sacred destination.

4.  Dubai 

Unwind, Indulge and of course splurge.  Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with acres of green field, Al Mamzer Beach is an essential visit. Experience the beauty within the dessert that is Dubai whilst staying in the Bedouin Camp and indulge in the Arabian atmosphere.  Hire an Abra or book an excursion to enjoy a Dhow Cruise of the Creek in old Dubai.  Dubai is not Dubai without a shopping spree in Dubai’s Outlet Mall, with its unbelievable discounts all year round. Finish your day with a luxurious evening meal in the well-known Barj Al Arab, 7 star hotel  that is worth every Dirham for its exquisite food alongside the lavish settings and admirable views from the remote island of Jumeirah.

5. Seychelles

A breath taking island full of peace & tranquillity, with its crystal clear waters of Beau Vallon. Dine under the stars enjoying the calm surroundings of Le Cocotiers, based in Mahe, indulging in the freshest, finest Creole Cuisine. Exploring the Pristine Reef at Ile Cocos Marine National Park is a once in a lifetime experience, admiring the turtles and exotic fish swimming through the coral filled reef, is a breath taking snorkelling experience. Most beach destinations offer just sunbathing and sea life, however Seychelles offers so much more, so why not take a trip and explore Victoria, the capital of Mahe Island, it is such a small island where you can walk around it in just 45 minutes. Visit Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market, a busy colourful market, and become a local Seychellois, embrace their way of living. Known as the best place to buy fresh produce, browse the boutiques and purchase souvenirs.