Sunset & Sea Wedding Off The Coast Of Paphos

Boat, Paphos

Helena, 28, & Rob, 35, married on boat out at Paphos coast on August 11th 2014.

Rob proposed on Christmas Day and he put a ring inside a card with ‘fiancee’ wrote on the card, once I found the ring in the card, he got down on one knee and proposed!

Our favours were  flip flops with our wedding date engraved on them along with a message in a bottle thanking people for joining us.

The best part of the day was after we said our vows we enjoyed each others company and chilled out watching the sunset.

My advice: Do exactly what you want, don’t do things in your wedding to please others. We didn’t have a cake or a first dance cause we didn’t want to, don’t let others pressure you into doing something you don’t want to!


Photographer: Leah Michaellides Photography