Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Many brides get referred to our website by their planner to ‘choose a cake’ but really what they are saying is ‘have a look at what they do’ and that is what I am saying to you. With the internet at hand, you have the whole of the world’s cakes to look at. So what are you looking for? My advice is look for the little details and keep a picture of that. Don’t search for wedding cakes by colour because you’ll spend ages trying to find your particular colour whereas your cake maker can match up a colour in no time if they have a good swatch to work with! Look instead for the interesting details that make you go ‘Aaahhh’ and can be incorporated into your cake design. After all, you don’t want someone else’s cake at your wedding, do you?

Your wedding cake can be a lot of different things – a centrepiece that brings together all the elements of your day that you have spent time deciding upon, a story about how you met works well  or how about the ‘big surprise’ cake that is becoming very popular. There are no rules – it’s your day and your wedding and your cake and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Just check the small print.

Brides often ask:

‘when do I need to order my cake?’ The most popular dates will get booked up quickly so check with your chosen cake maker. We take date reservations up to two years in advance but can often fit you in with a week’s notice.

‘how big a cake do I need?’ Tell your cake maker how many portions you want and they will design a cake to fit that number. Too much cake is a waste and too little cake is a disappointment.

‘how much does a cake cost?’ There is no definitive answer for this one but discussing a budget with your cake maker will get a better result than shopping around for the cheapest price. Remember ‘good cake isn’t cheap, cheap cake isn’t good’.

Happy planning and enjoy your day!

By Love Island Cakes