Marriage Licences

The process for foreign nationals to legally marry in Cyprus is fairly straight forward. It is a civil marriage, covered by the Marriage Law 104 (I) of 2003. An application for marriage must be made in person to the marriage officer at a municipal office.

Application for Marriage in Cyprus

Those wishing to marry in Cyprus can follow one of two routes:

  • Marriage via Notice of Marriage – marriage can take place 15 days to 3 months after application
  • Marriage via Special Procedure – marriage can take place less than 15 days after application. Any person found making illegal or false statements in their application may be imprisoned

Marrying via Notice of Marriage

The marrying parties must apply jointly, in person, to the Marriage Officer of the Municipality of the area in which they want to marry, and complete a Notice of Marriage which confirms a mutual desire to marry each other.
For the legal required documents, see our ‘what you’ll need’ list.
 Once the Notice of Marriage is completed the ceremony must take place between 15 days and 3 months after the date on the notice. If the marriage has not taken place within three months, the marriage notice is no longer valid and the application process must be repeated.

Prescribed fees: € 128,15 


Marrying via Special Procedure

In urgent circumstances, the Marriage Officer may agree that the marriage needs to occur sooner than 15 days after application. The cost of a marriage by Special Procedure is more than twice that of a marriage by Notice of Marriage.

Prescribed fees for this case: € 281,90



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