Many Brides Are Ditching This Tradition – Are You?

We love all of this years trends and of course we love all of the different ways possible that you can bring some traditions into your day. Although it now seems that more and more Brides are deciding to cut back on their Bridesmaids, with some not having any at all, in order to save money and prevent any arguments that can go along with it (let’s face it – we’d all rather avoid arguing with our BFF’s).

So is saving money more important than having your best friend(s) involved in your big day?

One of the biggest trends becoming popular for 2017 is the small or barely any, wedding party. Bride & Grooms everywhere are seeming to ditch the idea of groomsmen and maid of honour altogether, and opting out of any of the drama that comes along with it and costs of buying outfits too.

Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report revealed that the search for Wedding ideas without a Bridal party has increased this year more than ever! They also said that they’ve seen an incredible 100% increase year over year on the search for no-bridesmaids wedding inspiration.

‘Less is more – brides are choosing to go with fewer bridesmaids, or sometimes none at all! This decision ensures the focus is all about you and your partner.’

Which, if you think about it, is actually kind of sweet and makes sense. A wedding should be about celebrating the love of you and your partner, not a huge party to show off and spend money on others.

But why has it become so popular to ditch your bridal party? Pinterest says it is all down to organising the wedding, not because you don’t want your friends to be apart of your day.

‘Figuring out dresses, colours and hen party destinations to suit everyone is proving to be an unnecessary stress for an already stressful day…And cost is playing a big part in the search increase as smaller bridal parties obviously equals less pennies spent.’

What do you think? Will you be having Bridesmaids at your wedding?