What To Know If You Want To Loose Weight For Your Wedding

My name is Maxine Jordan & I am a Medical Nutritionist! I have always been interested in Nutrition. The idea that what we eat has such an impact on not only our weight & body shape, but also on our moods, & the way our body’s function.

So much of the food we eat today is void of nutrients, full of sugar & Trans fats & loaded
with Chemicals. This often leads to food allergies, bloating, headaches & mood swings.
Sound familiar? Most brides would like to loose a bit of weight before their big day & of course they want to try the diet that works, but which one?

With so many ‘diets’ on the market its difficult to know which one to choose. I have many clients who have swapped & changed these faddy diets for years & haven’t been able to either loose the weight in the first place, or keep that weight off.

The truth is we are making it too complicated.

The simple thing to do is eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible.

Eat breakfast & don’t skip lunch. OK there are other things to consider, like portion size &
we should know what are our dietary requirements as far as energy is concerned.

For the average female between 25 & 50 with light activity levels you need to consume
approximately 1750 Kcals a day, to maintain your current level.

If you wish to loose weight you need to be in a Kcal deficit of 500 kcals a day to loose 1lb

of body weight, that 250 kcals from food & 250 kcals from exercise… Yes you do need to exercise.

Being in a Kcal deficit of more than 250 kcals from food could lower your metabolism &
actually increase your chances of putting on weight.

This is because your body thinks it is starving, so it hangs on to every bit of food &
deposits it as fat, instead of burning it as fuel.


You need to eat to loose weight!

Hydration is another important factor in weight loss.

You should be drinking at least three litres of water every day, more if you are working out
& more in the summer heat.

If you don’t like water, then you can put a small amount of fruit juice, no added sugar of
course. Not fruit squash! or you can drink herb or fruit teas.

Being well hydrated actually helps the body burn fat for fuel, so if you want to loose weight,you need to drink water.