How To Be The Best Koumparos

Koumparos (Best Man) in a Greek wedding has one of the most important roles of the day. He is the one that is the closest to the groom, viewed as a brother, a friend, and someone who can be trusted & relied on –  automatically you are now considered as one of the family.

Standing beside your best friend during his best day of his life can be daunting; you want to do this role well, to be viewed by all, as the best koumparos.

Here are some tips on how to be the No.1 Koumparos…..


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Organising a great stag

Discuss with groom if he wants a destination stag or local, clubbing or tavern. Once you know where and what is ideal then the planning can commence. This is a time for all boys to enjoy and celebrate the grooms’ ‘last days of freedom’. Invite all friends/family who are the nearest and dearest to the gampro, who you know will also enjoy this special day. Make sure that its fun and memorable, a day that will not be forgotten in his eyes.

Help with any planning that the groom is involved in

He may not be involved in many aspects of the wedding as usually the bride has the planning all in hand. However the main part of the wedding that he will need to arrange is his suit. Let him know you will be there to help him, by making it a fun boy’s day out. Choosing the ideal suit can cause anxiety (it is not just women that stress over the ideal outfit), so keep him calm and relaxed, advise him, giving him honest opinions because in his eyes you are the one that he honestly relies on.

Keep him hydrated and fed

During the day can be very hectic especially taking into account all traditions that Greeks abide to. Keep him hydrated (but that does not mean getting drunk before you get to the church!), make sure that you don’t forget to eat well, as usually you’ll not get to eat till 9/10pm.

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Stay beside him

If you see him looking anxious, keep him on his toes, make him laugh & keep him happy as this day can be daunting in the eyes of some grooms. The start of the Greek Wedding Day usually starts from the early morning and by noon tiredness can kick in, so ensure you are beside him at all times to keep him going.


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Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves

Finally the party has commenced, the xeritsma (congratulation ceremony) has finished it is now time for you to show everyone what being a koumparos is all about, start the party off in style with traditional Greek music. Dance the traditional koumparos dance, as this is your chance to show your gratitude of having a such a important role in his day through your dancing. This is your time with your koumparos, the one time you get to witness your best friend marry his soul mate so make sure you enjoy yourselves, and make this day a day that he will not forget.