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Answering your most frequently asked questions about your wedding in Cyprus..

Q: Is our wedding legal in the UK?

A:Yes, your Cyprus wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law.


Q: How much does a registry wedding licence fee cost?

A: A standard civil wedding licence costs €128.00 EUR while an express civil wedding licence will cost €282.00 EUR. Both fees are payable to Town Hall. The cost of a church wedding depends on the church in question.


Q: What is the cost of a wedding in Cyprus?

A: Weddings costs in Cyprus are very low compared to the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. In 2015, the average Wedding in Cyprus cost £9,000 / €11,000

Q: What documents do we need and do we send them in advance?

A: In some cases, you will need photocopies of all relevant documents approximately six weeks before your wedding – please check with your venue for details. Be sure you bring the originals with you. Download our ‘What you’ll need’ list for a full list of required documentation


Q: If we get married abroad, will many guests attend?

A: Most couples are surprised and delighted by the amount of family and friends who are willing to travel to weddings abroad.

Q: Can we choose the date and time of our marriage?

A: Dates can fill very quickly so we recommended for you to book early. As a guide, civil town hall ceremonies are conducted every day Monday to Friday from 9-2 and every Thursday afternoon (except July and August) from 3 till 5.30.

Civil hotel and beach weddings are conducted every day Monday to Friday from 3 till 6.

Paphos – Anglican Church wedding services are held at Ayia Kyriaki chapel on Monday and Tuesday and at the St. George’s chapel on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Catholic wedding services are held at Ayia Kyriaki on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at St. George on Monday and Tuesday.


Q: Will the ceremony be in English?

A: Yes, no matter if you choose a Civil, Anglican or Catholic service, all of the ceremonies are conducted in English.


Q: Who writes the wedding vows and can we supply our own?

A: The vows are the same as the traditional UK wedding vows but it may be possible for you to write you own, check with your officiant beforehand.


Q: Do we need witnesses?

A: Yes, same as in the UK, two witnesses must sign your marriage certificate.


Q: Will there be fresh flowers available in high season?

A: Cyprus offers a wide range of beautiful native fresh flowers all year round.


Q: How do I transport my wedding dress if we buy it in the UK?

A: It’s best to check with your airline as different procedures apply. Some will want it to be boxed and put in the hold, others will let you hang it in a suit carrier in the cabin.


Q: What is the weather like in Cyprus?

A: It can be very hot from June to September, so it is advisable to choose a gown without too much artificial fabric or too many layers and petticoats if marrying during these months. Be careful in the sun during the days leading up to your wedding as you don’t want to be peeling.


Q: When will I get my Marriage Certificate?

A: The marriage certificate, also in English, is issued directly after the wedding ceremony.


Q: How easy is it to get to Cyprus?

A: Cyprus is easily accessible, via international Flights, with the rest of the world. See our Getting to Cyprus section


Q: How long do I have to be in Cyprus before getting married?

A: With an Express Wedding Licence there is no legal requirement for a civil wedding’s applicant to be in Cyprus for a minimum number of 3 days before the wedding. However, if your having your wedding in a Town Hall,  it may be you be  in Cyprus for a day or two before their wedding can take place.  With a Standard Wedding Licence, you must be in the country for at least 16 days before the wedding. Therefore, the standard wedding licence is suitable for applicants who want to stay in Cyprus for a longer period of time anyway for purposes other than the wedding.


Q: How do I have my Wedding featured on your website or magazine?

A: If you’d like your Wedding to be featured on our website and perhaps even our magazine, click the Submit your Wedding button at the footer of this page, fill in all the required fields and upload some of your images to share with us. It’s that simple!


Q: How do I advertise my Business on your website and magazine?

A: Visit the Advertise with Us page or email us directly at [email protected] to receive our Media Packs full of information and our advertising opportunities & prices too!



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