Civil Ceremony

A short (10-15 minute) marriage ceremony is performed by the marriage officer, conducted in the mayor’s office, on the date agreed. The couple will be given a Certificate of Marriage, which is recognized as valid in most countries. Further certified copies can be bought through the Municipal Marriage Office.

Religious Ceremony

Once the criteria of the Marriage Notice have been met, the marriage may be performed by a registered minister of religion in church. This will have to be arranged separately by the couple planning the wedding. An alternative to this is to have the civil marriage at the mayor’s office and complete the ceremony with a blessing in a church (this option is recommended by the US Consulate, especially if one partner is a non-US citizen who may apply for an immigrant visa to the USA at any point in the future).

Note: A Catholic ceremony is not legally binding unless you first have a civil wedding ceremony.

If you have an Anglican wedding ceremony you are not required to have a civil wedding ceremony.

To have an Anglican Ceremony at least one of the Bride or Groom will need to provide a Baptism Certificate.

For a Catholic Ceremony both the Bride & groom will require a Baptism Certificate.


Declaring the Marriage

Most English-speaking countries (including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia) do not require their citizens living in Cyprus to register their marriage in Cyprus with their Embassy.


Wedding Certificate

The couple is supplied with a certificate of marriage by the Marriage Officer, but if they want to secure one or more certified copies of the certificate they can apply to the Marriage Officer or to the Ministry of Interior.

Prescribed fees: € 13,65 (CY£8,00) for each certified copy.


Loss of the original/ issue of a true copy of marriage certificate

In case of a loss or if you need more copies of your marriage certificate, copies of true marriage certificates are issued, either by the Municipality that celebrated the civil marriage or by the Ministry of Interior (Registration Service), after paying the equivalent fee of € 13,65 (CY£8) for each true copy.

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