9 Hidden Costs of Wedding Planning

You may think you’ve thought of everything, but if you aren’t a wedding planner (or been married before), you may not know about these sneaky little extra costs. Bare in mind these fees and charges to your wedding budget from day one, so you avoid any costly surprises.

Service Fees and VAT

Most caterers, hotels, and some venues will quote prices before VAT. The amount is typically calculated prior to the VAT being charged. And is based on the total amount due for the event. Make sure to ask your vendor and or venue/hotel if the prices quoted include or exclude VAT. Find out before signing any agreement, so you can take this into account into your wedding budget and costs.


Delivery Fees

If your vendors are from a different region on the island to your venue/ Wedding, be sure to let them know when enquiring. This way you can ensure that not only does the quoted price include delivery, but that it is possible for your supplier to carry out with their other bookings too.

Thank-You Notes

It’s always best to purchase thank-you notes from the same company that made your invitations. By doing this you’ll save money ordering from the same supplier. As well as it also guarantees consistency throughout your whole invitation/ stationary package. Also, it’s a nice final touch for both the wedding guests, and the vendors. Send them a custom note from the bride and the groom a few weeks after the wedding – and means you won’t forget!


Hotel Room

Don’t forget to include your hotel suite for the bride and groom for the night of the wedding and the day before, if need be. If you require a room for the groom to get ready in, factor that in as well! Additionally, don’t forget to leave room in the budget for room service, snacks, or lunch for while you prep for the wedding!



If you plan on giving gifts to your betrothed, or any members of the wedding party, make sure to budget this in the beginning. It is especially important if you have a large wedding party. We suggest keeping gifts simple but personal and thoughtful at the same time. Gifting something the receiver can use throughout the wedding weekend and long after is always a nice touch.


Missing and Damaged Rentals

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be very expensive when a rental item goes missing or gets damaged. Missing items can cost you additional money, that you hadn’t necessarily planned on spending. So try to leave a bit of a buffer in the budget to cover this. Particularly in case a rental item does get damaged or is nowhere to be found at the end of your event.


Overtime Charges

Often the minimum charges for your caterer, photographer, bartenders, and hotel staff will be included in the main invoice. If your wedding runs late or the reception is extended (usually past midnight). You may be charged additional charges for overtime worked by the vendors staff. These charges are often more expensive than the originally billed amount, as they are overtime hours. Keep this in mind before extending your reception.


Corkage Fees

If you decide to provide the wine or alcohol for your wedding reception. Your selected venue or caterer charges a corkage fee, make sure you work this into the budget. Corkage fees can really range depending on your venue. This can really add up if you have a large guest list.


Storage Fees

If you want to send boxes of décor, paper materials, or alcohol to your venue prior to the wedding date. They may bill you for the storage of the boxed items. This is to insure the items are safe, cared for, and delivered to the correct part of the venue on the actual wedding day.