6 Things Your Bridal Party Care About

They're super ecstatic that they're sharing your Wedding Day with you as a Bridesmaid, here's what are they really thinking about behind all of the excitement!

What Is Expected Of Them

Do you want them to just be there on the day helping you get dressed and party? Or will you expect them to come with you to bridal appointments, help with any of the DIY elements or organising your hen night? Let your bridesmaids know what you want from them right from the start so to avoid any fall outs.

The Dresses

Whilst some Bridesmaids may not mind what you wish them to wear, some will want a say in the options – and we’re betting most bridesmaids fall into the second category. The main thing bridesmaids really care about is knowing how flexible you are about their dress and who will be covering the payment for it. Give them a heads up as soon as you know if you have something in mind for them and if you plan to pay part or all of the dress.

Looking Good

It’s always nice to be done up by a professional on a big occasion and your bridesmaids will likely want to know if they’ll be included in the morning of. Again, it’s best to let your bridal party know if you will be covering costs, or preferred to chip in!

The Wedding Day Food

Yes, they know they’ll be eating at your wedding reception, but what about breakfast? And lunch if your wedding is later in the day? Let them know what you will be doing for food, so they can organise other food options, if not. Hungry bridesmaids are not happy bridesmaids, then again no-one’s happy when they’re hungry.. including you! It’s easy to forget to eat on the morning of in all the goings on!

All The Expenses

After the hen party, outfit extras, all of the travel expenses and accommodation, their bank balance will have likely dropped significantly. Your bridal party will really appreciate some financial consideration on some aspects of the wedding process. If some girls can’t afford a hen do abroad as well, try to be flexible with a celebration at home.

Feeling Appreciated

No matter how much they’ve done for you, a little official thank you goes a long way. Whether it’s in the speech or a little card with a gift, each one of your best girls will seriously cherish a heartfelt message telling them how much they really mean to you!