5 Reasons Every Bride Needs A Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website is a great and fun way to do just that for your guests! Where you can keep them updated without having to send endless emails or information packs..

Wedding websites allow you to include all the information and more, answering all and any questions your guests may have from ‘where is the venue’ to dress codes and timings. Ultimately you can create a FAQ for your Destination Wedding, cutting out all the emails that you’ll receive and repetitive phone calls of guests asking you the same thing over and over again – you’ve got planning a wedding to get on with!

So why should you create a Wedding Website?



#1 It’s fun!

It’s great fun to create, play with, customise it to your wedding colours, add photos, and you can give your guests a taste of what to expect on your Wedding Day! We’re that you’ll get even more excited for your big day when you’re sat creating your wedding website seeing some of the pieces come together!


#2 It’s free!

Whilst there are some paid options out there, a lot of the wedding websites are free and have so many great options available to you! All you need to enter is your email address and a password to your account and you’re away!


#3 Manage your Guest List & RSVPs!

Keeping track of guests and who has or hasn’t got back to you yet, is stressful and time consuming (especially if you have to chase them with a phone call/ email or texts!) Most of the websites available today offer a digitial way to track and invite guests, including managing & receiving yours RSVP’s!


#4 Keep everyone updated!

It’s quick and easy to simply update some of the details on your wedding website as and when you need too, your guests can all refer to the website (that is what it’s there for!) and no need to resend email and after email to your guests!


#5 Add the extra details!

With a destination wedding you’ll want to let your guests know about great accomodation nearby for them, dress code of the day, events you’re organising around the wedding, timings of the day, flight websites, car hire companies, and anything else that they should expect!



Photo by The Hacks Photography