Jennifer, 34, and Daniel Owen-Parr, 39, married on the 18th October 2013, at the St. Elias Gardens in Protaras.

I was training to be a teacher and had to work part time, in a bar, to be able to afford my studies and bills. My boss, James, was living with another man called Dan and everyone in the bar had advised me that the two gents were in a loving, caring and beautiful relationship. What I didn’t know, was that this was a standard joke for new staff and that the ‘regulars’ at the bar took bets on how long the rumour would last. Apparently, I was the most gullible person to have worked in the bar! In my defence, Dan and James constantly called each other, bickered like an old married couple and cooked for each other – in fact, they still do! Eventually, Dan asked me out for a ‘bite to eat’ and I realised that perhaps I was more to his taste than James…

Dan proposed to me on the 8th October 2012. My granddad had been taken in to hospital and was seriously ill and my family were falling out over his care. I was working 16 hour days and was going to the hospital every day. Dan took me for a walk to calm down and de-stress. When Dan suddenly dropped to his knees, I asked if he’d dropped his keys… It was only when I saw the ring that I realised we were in the exact spot where we’d had our first date! It was the most romantic and yet mortifying moment of my life – Dan had decided, that given everything, there was no time like the present to propose – I, however, was in my jogging bottoms, a hoody and old dirty trainers! Not exactly the outfit every girls pictures wearing at that moment!

A lovely, simple 1950s style tea length dress. It was called Lily, which also happens to have been the name of my gran. Fate.

St Elias Gardens in Protaras. We’d always wanted to get married at the church, but the gardens were stunning and we would do it all again.

Our first dance was At Last by Etta James – actually a bit of a joke, as my dad never thought I’d get married

My Advice: Mary the man you love with all your heart and don’t stress about the day. The wedding isn’t the important thing. The marriage is!

Photographer: Amanda Trigg Photography

Venue: St Elias Gardens, Famagusta